The team runs sprints to condition themselves to be able to play extended minutes as the season progresses.

Despite having won the Baltimore city championship in 2016, the boys basketball banner remains empty as coach Sam Brand stresses the importance of one day filling the banner completely

Torrin Stephens and Kyshon Tate trash talk in practice every day. 

Seth Jones puts on his Rec Specs goggles before taking the floor. His goggles have become his signature look.

Rahim Ali and Demetrius Mims wait to take the floor as the junior varsity game heads into overtime.

Seth Jones yells in the face of Jeffery Alexander in excitement before the home opener.

Deshaun Mosley and Amani Walker battle for a rebound against their opponents from Patterson High school

Demetrius Mims soars in for a dunk after getting a steal against Chicago powerhouse Simeon Academy. 

Demetrius Mims celebrates a play with DeVondre Perry and Amani Walker

Rahim Ali yells at his opponents after making a basket.

Rahim Ali and Cleveland Horton III celebrate as their opponent calls a timeout after a quick run

Assistant coach Khalid Bilal keeps the player efficiency chart for each game.

Coach Anthony Fitzgerald pulls Torrin Stephens aside for a pep talk before taking the flood in the second half.

Coach Sam Brand reacts after a questionable call against his team.

Demetrius Mims hangs his head after losing the city championship.

DeVondre Perry raises up for a three-pointer in the state playoffs.

Rahim Ali glides in for a layup in the state championship game.

Coach Sam Brand hugs freshman point guard Rahim Ali after winning the state championship.

DeVondre Perry raises the state championship trophy towards family and friends in the stands

Before leaving the court, coach Sam Brand celebrates the state championship win briefly with his childhood friend Darvin Cooke.

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