Truck Day(s)

I packed my Jeep for it’s 21st 4+ hour ride on I-95 since the summer of 2011 and moved from Baltimore to Boston to start my season as a staff photographer for the Red Sox with all the essentials

8 pairs of shoes

1 camera roller bag

and 700 all black outfits a week before an 18-wheeler packed the team’s

20,400 baseballs

1,100 bats

200 batting gloves

200 batting helmets

320 Batting Practice tops

160 white game jerseys

300 pairs of pants

400 t-shirts

400 pairs of socks

20 cases of bubble gum

 and 60 cases of sunflower seeds to head to spring training

On my first day I learned how much responsibility I’d have this year. I’m building on last year’s internship, but it’s a new year and a new role to learn and get acclimated to. Last year’s lessons and experiences will definitely help this season but just like the guys on the field, I can’t rest on my laurels. 

Definitely looking forward to taking on a heavier workload this season as the Red Sox have their first full-team workout in Fort Myers on the eve of my parents 36th wedding anniversary, February 18th.

Boogie - Soho [ft. JID]

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