Spring Training 4 Everybody (Remix)

Towards the end of spring training I thought about some things I’m going to run into throughout the season. I can’t rely on being in the same spot, or the same lenses. It’s easy to get comfortable but after you take the same photo a few times, then what? During the last three games I made it a point to workshop different looks of the same thing and got off the 24-70 for a change.

 There’s a photographer whose name I can’t remember (I’m trash, right? lol) who, when starting a long form project made it a point to get into a person’s personal space at the beginning as a way to break the ice and establish spatial empathy. Over the years I’ve kind of adopted that, but not out of the gate. 

Not trying to over analyze it but I just prefer being closer more times than not, but being further away evokes a different emotion, or even gives room for different expressions in different situations. Just gotta be mindful how distance plays a role in making pictures sometimes.

And towards the end of my time in Fort Myers I remembered that a balanced life and a balanced diet is key.

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