Spring Training 4 Everybody

Last Monday I took a Lyft at 3:25am to make a 5am flight to Fort Myers, Florida for spring training. It was my fourth flight in as many months. Looking down on clouds puts me in one of those introspective moods and I thought about all the people back home that have poured into me over the years, ultimately giving me the opportunity to travel to do something I love. Keeping those people in mind is a major part of what keeps me going, and I try to honor those relationships by trying my best when making new work.

As soon as I hop off the plane the sun was out and doing it’s thing. Eighty degree weather in February is lovely and is something I could get used to. I don’t like being cold and having to wear a bunch of layers and boots is definitely not ideal. 

When we get to the park I start to think about what I want to focus on while I’m here. I figured that I will have a season’s worth of game action, so after the first day or so I tried not to focus on any traditional baseball action. Before that, the first two or three days were tough, though. The sensibilities that I was fortunate enough to develop last season weren’t exactly second nature and I got a bit frustrated. 

I’m still recalling how I work with three camera bodies. I feel a step slower on the trigger finger, switching bodies, and  certain “slice of life” moments. It’s okay though, because at this point last year I was trying to figure everything out. Now I just have to get back in a groove, build on what I learned from Billie and Matt (who’s now the San Diego Padres team photographer, one time for big Matt Thomas) and use this time to get everything in order by opening day, because like I’ve been hearing all week, it’s spring training for everybody.

One time for my parents who celebrated their 36th year of marriage on 2/19/19.

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