1. A Lor List

    Date 03 May 2019
    - One time for MBTA employee Mr. Calvin who I see every morning and afternoon - One time for the older couple casually strolling past Fenway on a Wednesday night sporting FAMU gear - Improvement isn’t a linear process - I went to Kendrick Lamar’s first show in Baltimore about a month before his…

  2. Opening Day

    Date 16 Apr 2019
    Last week I slept in thirty minute intervals throughout the night to make sure I was out of the door to be at Fenway to comfortably set up to document the sunrise over Fenway on Opening Day. I got to the park at 5:30am ready to get it going. Had…

  3. While We Waiting

    Date 09 Apr 2019
    So boom, the grounds crew has been hard at work getting the ballpark proper just in time for opening day. The grass and all the dirt on the infield is fresh, all the fresh signage is up. The seats have been painted and power washed, the whole nine yar-… innings.…

  4. On Leadership

    Date 22 Mar 2019
    Over the past few years I’ve had the honor of being around some great leaders. A few years ago, after graduating from Norfolk State I went into my high school’s alumni open gym and approached coach Sam Brand about documenting the team every day during the upcoming season. What I learned…

  5. We talkin’ about pictures

    Date 15 Mar 2019
    Aight so boom I’ve been trying to start getting back in midseason form. I’m starting to get back in the gym. I’m slowly getting back into maintaining a solid diet although I kinda messed up the past two days. Today I finally found a barber that I’m going to stick with…

  6. Spring Training 4 Everybody (Remix)

    Date 07 Mar 2019
    Towards the end of spring training I thought about some things I’m going to run into throughout the season. I can’t rely on being in the same spot, or the same lenses. It’s easy to get comfortable but after you take the same photo a few times, then what? During the…

  7. Spring Training 4 Everybody

    Date 27 Feb 2019
    Last Monday I took a Lyft at 3:25am to make a 5am flight to Fort Myers, Florida for spring training. It was my fourth flight in as many months. Looking down on clouds puts me in one of those introspective moods and I thought about all the people back home that…

  8. Crashed Ice

    Date 12 Feb 2019
    Last week, crew members forklifted bags of ice to different levels of the structure to maintain the Red Bull course on a 60 degree February day in Boston. Part of documenting the development of the course included figuring out exactly what was going to happen so that I could come away with some solid images…

  9. Truck Day(s)

    Date 06 Feb 2019
    I packed my Jeep for it’s 21st 4+ hour ride on I-95 since the summer of 2011 and moved from Baltimore to Boston to start my season as a staff photographer for the Red Sox with all the essentials 8 pairs of shoes 1 camera roller bag and 700 all black outfits a week…

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