While We Waiting

So boom, the grounds crew has been hard at work getting the ballpark proper just in time for opening day. The grass and all the dirt on the infield is fresh, all the fresh signage is up. The seats have been painted and power washed, the whole nine yar-… innings. Everything is ready to go for tomorrow’s home opener against the Blue Jays.

The past month or so I’ve had some time to improve on some back end skills that I’ve struggled with in the past.  I’ve been kind of feeling out how to excel in my role this year. Trying to minimize distractions. Also trying to figure out how to live in Boston. I’m trying make a concerted effort to learn how to be a more effective communicator and all that jazz… you know, trying to get it all right.

In the time between my last day in spring training and opening day I’ve had a lot of time to look at my old stuff and just reflect. I think towards the end of last season I made a few steps in the right direction. But looking back on last season’s work, I’m still not satisfied. There were so many photos I left on the table. Thankfully I have the opportunity to double back (with a whole new skillset) and make amends. 

If the photos aren’t enough, I still have a chip on my shoulder; still have a lot to prove to myself.  So yea, I’m charged up and ready to sprint up grandstand twenty-five and everywhere else in the ballpark trying to make some good work. 

Also, moms celebrated her birthday April 5th.

rip Nipsey Hussle

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