Enjoy The Ride: What We Learn While Bathing

What’s goin’ on y’all? I haven’t posted a blog in a minute so there’s a lot to fill in. For starters, I’ve been feeling pretty good about my daily routine and picking my spots to unwind for the most part.  I recently went swimming with my roommate and  it was much needed, seeing as though I haven’t been in a pool in some years. It makes a world of difference when you make some time to unwind a bit. 

Before that though, after a few rounds of interviews I got offered the team photographer position with the San Antonio Spurs. While I was in Texas for the last interviews I went to a local YMCA and spent some time documenting one of the sites that hosts the Spurs Youth Basketball League. After I told my parents the news of the offer, they cut their vacation short and drove out of their way to visit me in Boston the very next day. After they left I had a few moments  in the following days to reflect (marked by extended showers and long looks in the mirror) on what this moment means, and really what the past seven years have meant.

When I was eighteen and had these dreams and goals related to photography and I had no Idea what to do/what steps to take. I knew I wanted to take photos of things/topics that are important to me and I wanted to photograph professional sports.  Whatever successes I’ve had over the years have been accompanied by three or four times as many failures. Growing pains, personal safety concerns, comparison, being laid off, being unemployed/perpetually broke, trying to find some kind of regularity with freelancing, lack of confidence, getting passed up on, wanting to give it all up to take the safer route and everything else on the spectrum comes to mind. 

Looking back though (and I’m saying this in this specific moment because hopefully it’s just the beginning) it’s all been worth it.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have a hell of a support system throughout this journey. All my friends, family, the people I’ve gotten to photograph since 2012, people I’ve had the chance to meet/work for/work alongside. It’s been amazing man and sometimes I don’t believe that I got to photograph my high school’s basketball team, their state championship runs, the Brunson League, the Boston Red Sox, a whole World Series and then some. Now to think that this dream of being an NBA team photographer is about to be realized is wild to me man. I have a responsibility to everybody who has had a hand in my life to do well and be a positive representation of what they have given me (and this has pretty much my mindset for a long time now). 

So yea man, it’s been a lot to process.

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