We talkin’ about pictures

Aight so boom I’ve been trying to start getting back in midseason form. I’m starting to get back in the gym. I’m slowly getting back into maintaining a solid diet although I kinda messed up the past two days. Today I finally found a barber that I’m going to stick with for the rest of the year (the struggle is real finding a new barber in a new city). I still have to figure out things to do when I have down time, because a work-life balance is key. Quality of life is important, living a balanced life is important you feel me? Can’t make pictures without having everything else in order.

I’m waiting for the season to start, and I’m learning a lot of new skills that I want to keep building on throughout the season. Today I’m gonna go through some pictures and talk about kinda what I was thinking 

1. Benny was doing an interview outside of the weight room one morning and didn’t have a cap on. Sports like baseball and football kind of hide the players because the wear headgear so sometimes it’s cool to see the guys without it. I think it humanizes them more. So when I was shooting it I wanted to emphasize the hair because in the past he’s had long hair. And I shot just the top half of his head just because I thought it would be a nice curveball to throw in there.

2. Sometimes during the morning stretches there’s a window before workouts where the guys just stand around and talk for a quick minute. In spring training I tried to be a little more assertive as far as getting close which brings the viewer into the scene some more so that’s what I was going for. Wanted to make it feel like whoever is looking at the pic is right there in the conversation. 

3. In spring training the catchers usually had their meetings and batting practice sessions first thing in the morning. went wide just because it kind of reminded me of old baseball pictures for some reason and I wanted to kind of communicate that they were the only ones out there.

4. I think this photo was from the first day went in the weight room. Definitely wanted to get off the baseball diamond and show something else. 

5. Big Michael Chavis was doing his thing and hit a couple of home runs in the first few games of spring training. I have different crops of the pic of him crossing home plate for his first home run of the spring but this crop is the cleanest.

6. I’m all for a good autograph session and I’m usually kneeling right under the fans outstretched arms. I just always think it’s cool and there’s definitely a way that I’m trying to frame it up but there are a lot of other factors that come into play that I can’t control. 

7. I was in the cages and Rafael walked in and instead of taking a regular portrait I wanted to do something different. I asked him to stand behind the gate and I just filled the frame. When I was shooting it I thought about the “The Mind of Mannie Fresh” album cover for whatever reason.

8. I wanted to make something moody all of spring training and while I was watching the guys take batting practice I was asking Benny about a piece of equipment and noticed the light streaking across his face while he was explaining what it was for and I just asked him to if it was cool to take a portrait. I had him look up into the light. I think it’s my favorite picture from spring training.

9. I got to go with Nate Eovaldi and Chris Sale to a children’s hospital and I just think it’s cool to tag along and photograph things that happen off the diamond. I also needed practice bouncing my flash because I was knocking off some rust. 

So yea, that’s about it.

Remember, always be yourself.

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