Opening Day

Last week I slept in thirty minute intervals throughout the night to make sure I was out of the door to be at Fenway to comfortably set up to document the sunrise over Fenway on Opening Day. I got to the park at 5:30am ready to get it going. Had a whole game plan ready and everything.

The sky was gloomy and the sunrise action wasn’t hitting  like that. Mother nature probably was upset with us for some reason, maybe we didn’t pull the chicken out of the freezer for dinner or something. It’s aight though, there was still a lot on the docket for the day.

The rest of the morning everybody in the office prepared for the Opening Day pre-game ceremony.This wasn’t your run-of-the-mill Opening Day. This Red Sox team won the World Series last season and the players were getting their rings. The pre-game ceremony was elaborate and there was a lot that we had to prepare for. Flag raises, flag drops, Red Sox alumni, the rings, some New England Patriots players, special jerseys; the whole nine innings (and yards)

Coming into Opening Day I knew I was going to have to show some poise being for all of this on the field during the ceremony. I had my assignments to help round out the staff’s take, and luckily the rehearsal and last year’s mistakes helped me out a bit. It was cool and an honor to document everybody getting their rings. Last year’s season was one for the books and the ring ceremony kind of put the exclamation point on the 2018 season. 

The next day the front office staff got their rings. These are the people who make everything go off the field. I’ve gotten to know and love a bunch of talented people in the front office and to see them be rewarded for the time and effort they put into making the Red Sox the best organization in baseball meant a lot to me since I spend a lot of time with them. I was big proud of everybody and seeing the front office staff get their rings also reinforces the idea that you can choose and excel in a non traditional career path and be a champion at anything you put your intention toward.

Congratulations everybody!

I’ve been on a DaBaby kick as of late,

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